What’s the Difference between NEC Univerge SV8100, SV8300, and SV8500 Servers

So you’re a business owner and you are looking at the NEC Univerge phone systems for your business. Let’s talk a little bit about what separates these 3 businesses and what phone system is the best fit for your business currently.

Comparison Of The NEC SV8100, SV8300 and SV8500 Phone Systems

nec univerge sv8100 unified communications Comparing The UNIVERGE NEC SV8100, SV8300 and SV8500 ServersNEC Univerge SV8100 Phone System Strengths:

    • Meets the needs of most small businesses
    • 512 IP Stations Available
    • Stackable architecture
    • Both Circuit switching and VoIP supported
    • Numerous applications available via cards or licensing
    • SV8100 System can work alone or alongside SV8000, SV7000 and NEAX systems

nec univerge sv8300 unified communications server Comparing The UNIVERGE NEC SV8100, SV8300 and SV8500 ServersNEC Univerge SV8300 Phone System Strengths:

    • Meets the needs of most medium sized businesses
    • 1152 IP Stations Available
    • Stackable architecture
    • Both Circuit switching and VoIP supported
    • Numerous applications available via cards or licensing
    • SV8300 System can work alone or alongside SV8000, SV7000 and NEAX systems

UNIVERGE SV8500 UC Server ComparisonNEC Univerge SV8500 Phone System Strengths:

    • Meets the needs of large businesses and companies
    • Open standards based platform focusing on the healthcare, call center, and retail industries
    • Can scale to over 4000 IP phones on 1 server installation
    • Up to 192,000 ports available in a multi server environment
    • Simple upgrade paths available for NEAX 2400 and SV7000

What You must Know Before Choosing a NEC Business Phone System

The decisions that a small business owner has to make are not simple. Part of the things that they must decide on is the installation and purchase of a phone system service. However, buying one should not be done in haste. After all, the service of your business and the cash out depends on it. When it comes to such decisions, you can’t make one that you will end up regretting. That is why you must consider these things before buying:

    • You must know the number of telephones that the company needs.
    • You must know the number of extensions necessary for your personnel and each department.
    • If you are one of the companies that have an actual office outside of their home, you need to know if hiring a receptionist is a must.

There are also some standard functions that you just can’t do without in your business:

    • Having a voice mail is essential in all companies. After all, you don’t want to miss a big business transaction just because the caller cannot leave a message when no one is able to answer the call.
    • Being able to make conference calls is essential in your business especially if you are closing a partnership deal or a tie up.
    • Trunking is a must if you have plans of expanding your business in the future. That can be quite costly though so a less expensive option is a cloud hosted telephone PBX.
    • An auto attendant is really helpful because it automatically redirects your callers to the person they want to talk to. They also have the capability to forward calls to your mobile.
    • You don’t want the caller getting impatient when they have to wait. That is why music on hold is essential. Without it, customers will most probably just hang up.

Have you decided what kind of phone system you need for your business? Let Birns Telecommunications help you. Call 1-888-Birns-Tel and talk to an expert for a free consultation.


ShoreTel Introduces Sky Mobility

Smartphones really are taking over the business world. If your business has yet to introduce more mobility features into your unified communications infrastructure you stand to benefit from ShoreTel’s new mobility options.  If you have questions or need more information visit http://www.birns.net/shoretel


The Right PBX System For Your Business

Unified Small Business Communications

We understand that making a choice on the future of your businesses unified communications infrastructure can be somewhat daunting of a task. We are here to answer your questions and help you come to a conclusion that will both benefit your company and satisfy your needs.

shoretel 655 ip phone voip 300x200 The Right PBX System For Your Business If you own a small business or a brick and mortar business in your community you likely only have a few phone lines coming into your business and therefore the traditional plain old telephone service line(POTS) is insufficient to fulfill your basic needs.

While a traditional business phone system PBX is likely overkill in your situation as well. In your case we recommend a hosted PBX solution. Birns Telecommunications offers a competitive cloud based VoIP hosted PBX option that is perfect for small business operations. Plenty of options are available including your standard Business Phone System PBX choices from NEC, Adtran, Mitel and Shoretel.

What most people are seeking in a small business phone system is the ability to get a phone extension for each of their employees that has a desk, as well as extensions for the conference room and any other possible needs that may arise.  As a small business owner you should first take into account your basic needs as well as future needs necessary to ensure growth of your business isn’t impeded by sub standard equipment.

A few things to consider include:

    • Do you need individual phone extensions inside your business?
    • Do you need mobile access for your employees so they can communicate on the road?
    • The growth of your business and its telephony needs well into the future.
    • The ability to route telephone calls both inside your business and possibly outside your business.

You should decide what your basic needs are before you begin shopping, if your interested we have experts on hand able to answer all of your questions, just call us at 1-212-352-7001 to speak with one of our talented professionals. We can help your tailor a package for your individual needs that will be both affordable and cutting edge, allowing your business to grow and expand.

Our Business Phone System PBX packages give you the ability to add some optional features that we think you will love such as the standard auto attendant allowing you to free up your secretary from handling all of the incoming calls. Auto attendant will route incoming calls 24 hours a day, allowing you to input things like driving directions, or instructions.

If you are a very small business an auto attendant also gives your customers the idea that you are a larger company than you may be in reality. Just because you run your business in a small building, a garage, or even a small bedroom out of your home doesn’t mean you cant look like a big business.

Small offices can especially benefit from a cloud hosted PBX  business phone system PBX, imagine the power of an auto attendant when your limited to only a few employees. The ability to free up man power at that level is huge and can mean the difference of a lot of growth for your business. With our quality hosted business phone system PBX you will have the ability to forward calls to your mobile devices giving you the ability to be out of the office marketing your business.


istock man consulting couple 300x199 A Simple Introduction To Colocation Data Centers And HostingColocation servers are pretty common place in the small business technology sphere. Colocation offers the small to medium sized business the same basic features of a full featured IT support staff without all the hassles and costs associated with setting up those services in your own business.

Most larger companies have the ability to do their own data warehousing and can handle any IT needs that may arise.

Occasionally even larger companies will seek out a Colocation service to add redundancy to their own data storage needs. Many companies choose to use Colocation service to house everything from web hosting servers, data storage servers or even E-Mail servers.

So What is Colocation Anyway?

Basically a colocation service is just a company that has a facility that allows you to house your own or rented server equipment.  A colocation service will have bandwidth and service staff available to help maintain your equipment. You can expect to pay more than a traditional web hosting service online, but far less than what it would cost you to host your own in house.

what is colocation hosting 300x158 A Simple Introduction To Colocation Data Centers And HostingTypically companies will have their server setup and all applicable servers and services installed on the machine then they will take it into the colocation facility where they will rent space to store that server. Most colocation facilities will have varying packages that will give you some basic management features such as the ability to reboot your server whenever you need.

Some colocation facilities may also offer servers you can rent as well as setup services to help get you up and running.  The colocation facilities will provide everything from security and power to bandwidth and monitoring services. It all really depends on the colocation service and what they specifically offer to the public. There are some pretty big advantages that come with using a colocation facility over housing your own servers.

Some Advantages To Using Colocation Services

  1. When it comes to being protected from fires or other natural disasters most colocation facilities have your own business outclassed. Not to mention the ability to have your data warehoused in redundant locations across the nation. In many cases a business will deploy colocation hosting simply to avoid losing data due to natural disasters.
  2. One of the biggest advantages we can think of is the money you will save on bandwidth. Because data centers have access to redundant and super fast data lines they can offer you access to much faster data speeds at huge discounts over what you can get in your town likely. Keep in mind that most data centers are located near major backbones and have the best available bandwidth as well. For your business to get access to even a business level DSL line your looking at hundreds of dollars a month, and that’s not going to even get close to the same speed and reliability as a data center.

Another big benefit to colocation hosting is the ability to protect your data, or website from outages due to any loss of power. Pretty much all colocation facilities have backups in place like battery banks, diesel generators, and in some cases even green energy backup solutions like wind and solar energy backup solutions. Either way a colocation facility is going to have the ability to keep your website online in an outage. Can you say the same about your businesses ability to stay online in an outage? For more information about colocation hosting visit http://birns.net/data-center


cabling panel 250 Unified Cloud PBX Solutions For Small And Medium Businesses

Does your company have between 20 and 1000 employees? If the answer is yes than you may be very interested in the benefits that a cloud based unified communications platform can bring to your business in the form of a cloud hosted PBX solution for your small business communications.

Finding a great hosted PBX solution that’s also got a strong cloud based infrastructure is not easy and when it comes down to your business’s bottom line it is a decision that could have a lot of impact. The first thing you will need to sort out is the budgetary concerns that will determine the financial ability of your business to invest in new equipment and services. Moving to a hosted PBX is cheaper than most options but it will still mean that you have to possibly invest in some new IP phones or a faster data line into your business.

Because you are moving your phone system into the cloud, you have likely already adopted some cloud technologies in your business already such as hosted email, or possibly a cloud hosted data storage solution.

As your business grows and evolves its important to implement a unified communications strategy in your business.  For this reason many small and medium sized businesses are dropping their current bulky hardware phone systems and opting to use either software based IP PBX’s or fully managed offsite cloud based phone systems instead. The ability for your phone system to integrate seamlessly with your current unified communications platform is important and for that reason many businesses have made the switch.

Give some thought to where your business could be in ten years if it had a big boost in its monthly budget due to the savings you will get from switching your phone system to one in the cloud.  The benefits here far outweigh the negatives and you will have more time to focus on

Management Issues – Having to worry about management is probably the number one reasons that small business owners make the switch to the cloud hosted option. After all when it comes to running a small business the task of operating, fixing, and upkeep take a lot of time and energy. Most small businesses have to call a local telecom company to come in and fix their issues when they run into issues, this can be extremely costly. If your business is a little larger and you have an in house IT guy we guarantee the costs associated with hiring an expert will cost your company a lot in the end.

The simple fact is that if you run a business that needs the advanced functionality of a business PBX but doesn’t have the money to pay for an in house PBX a hosted phone system is the next best thing and with the technology advancing at astounding paces there is no better time than now to adopt the technology and move forward.  Learn more at http://birns.net


Choosing A Unified Cloud PBX For Your Business

NEC ITL 320C 2 Choosing A Unified Cloud PBX For Your BusinessAre you looking for the perfect PBX phone system for your small business?  I bet you are looking for something user friendly and very flexible with its functionality.  Look no further because you are in the right place, we can help you find the right cloud hosted PBX system for your business.  Thanks to the hard work of companies like Birns Telecommunications (BTI) you can now get a hosted PBX with all the power and capabilities of a traditional PBX at a price your company can afford.

sample 5 300x225 Choosing A Unified Cloud PBX For Your BusinessThe Birns PBX telephone system is one of the most innovative hosted PBX phone systems to date.  It has many useful features that place it a cut above its competition:

  1. Caller ID – This shows you who is calling on a display, it is a basic feature but one that everyone needs.
  2. Auto Attendant – This allows you to create a custom menu system that will route pohone calls throughout your business.
  3. Call screening – callers are met with a prompt and depending on their answers they are forwarded to voicemail, blocked, or transferred through. This is a great feature that will allow you to transfer callers to the correct department.
  4. Call waiting – This allows your phone to alert you when a call comes in while your already on the phone.
  5. Voicemail – you can add customized messages and divert people to a mailbox to leave messages when your out of the office or busy.
  6. Fax Mail – This allows you to forward a copy of all of your faxes to any email address you specify.
  7. Dial by Name Directory (DND) – This allows you to setup a directory. When a customer calls in they can access the directory. They can find you through a few options including a name search which will allow them to connect to your extension.
  8. Custom Message Alerts – Allows you to setup alerts such as emails or texts whenever you get a new voicemail.
  9. Call conferencing – This feature allows 3 or more callers to engage in a simultaneous phone conversation. You can even have people from outside the company call in and join your conference. This is a great feature when you are talking to a customer and need to pull in a fellow worker from another department.
  10. Add virtual phone numbers as well as toll free numbers to your current numbers. This is an awesome feature and could save you and your client’s money. For example if you have callers from around the USA or even world calling you it is possible to by toll free numbers for them to call, or even buy numbers in their area code.

However, the perks for our cloud based PBX users do not end there.  The Birns cloud hosted PBX system is very flexible and practical!

  1. You don’t need to install and buy major hardware!
  2. Be certain that there are absolutely no hidden costs when you deal with us!
  3. No in house PBX or hardware, so you just have to maintain your VOIP office phones, and we can help with that too!
  4. No need for an IT department to run the system, and we handle all of the support.

What makes the Birns Cloud PBX system so great is that they understand how important it is for businesses to save money and still get the most reliable services available.  That is why clients have access to the following: (Visit Our Website Here)

  • You will have access to a powerful set of features like a virtual receptionist. A virtual receptionist will allow your business to route calls where they need to go without a traditional receptionist. For small businesses that do not need a receptionist this makes a huge difference. A virtual receptionist also allows you to take messages, and create hunt workgroups that will route your customers to the right department in a timely manner.
  • Because our PBX is hosted in the cloud it is very fast, redundantly hosted, and your calls are always routed in a manner that ensures a crystal clear call quality.

At Birns telecommunications we have been in the industry for over 35 years now and understand the needs and requirements of our customers. Our primary mission is to provide the absolute best telephony services to our clients at a price that is highly competitive in our industry. Call us today for a free quote and to talk to a professional.